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TVI Player

TVI Player is an application that gives you access to channels of a Brazilian television network to follow live or replay programs and series. Access to TVI Player is free. It is not necessary to make payment to access the service, either in the Web version or via the download of applications.

How to use TVI Player?
TVI Player is an application listed in the Entertainment category of the App Store. It allows you to have all the TV programming, past, present and future, at your fingertips. The TVI Player application provides you with most programs broadcast on TVI TV channels (TVI24, TVI Ficção, + TVI, TVI Internacional and TVI itself) live or in replay. For example, when you were late and could not see the beginning of the newscast, you could simply restart with TVI Player. You will be able to regularly watch TV shows, newspapers, entertainment programs and more. Awarded at the World Summit Awards in 2015, the app is considered one of the most complete to watch live TV or review programs broadcast in Portuguese.
With TVI Player for PC, it is possible to access program channels on any PC or mobile device (mobile phones and tablets), with IOS or Android. The application is also compatible with all Windows versions (8 / 8.1 / 10/7 / XP / Vista).

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