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Swing Star

Swing Star is an application listed in the category of the App Store Action. It is a fun and intuitive game that follows the travels of a little character in altitudes in a setting of mountains. The application is compatible with iOS10.0 or a later version. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Star Swing: a thrilling game
The Swing Star application is built to provide gamers with several challenges that appear as they cross the different levels. The premise of the game is simple: Swing star, the player is a character who jumps, swings, slides, and enjoy the joys of altitude on more an infinite number of levels (several hundreds). He discovered the passage barriers or walls that are not springy. Barriers in Swing Stars can quickly disappear to make room for the vacuum. This means that you must reattach very fast ropes that appear as, otherwise you will fall and the game would be over.
The game is built around various themes. With functions to high level of precision. It offers ultra-precise control to fly like a pro. It allows you to transform the sky in an incredible race track. Since it's available on Store, the application quickly climbed to the top of the ranking of the free games on the platform.

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