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Police scanner

Police Scanner is an application that allows you to listen to different radio stations used for police communications directly from your smartphone. The great benefit of the application is that it delivers live messages via a data plan or at least Wi-Fi.

Police Scanner, a multi-feature application
The application Police Scanner offers the possibility to its users to listen to radio frequencies emanating from the police (national or federal police depending on your situation), firefighters as well as broadcasts of radio amateurs near you and through the world directly. On Police Scanner, not all frequencies are active at all times. Sometimes nothing happens. In this case, you will need to change the frequency to access a busier channel. However, the app sends notifications to your phone when it sees an increase in traffic with an increase in listeners; which often signals a particular event. It is also possible to see how many people listen during each broadcast.

On the interface of the application, there is a tab where you can see the channels marked as favorites. From there, the user can listen to them directly or delete them when he is no longer interested. The user also has the possibility to search the frequencies of radio stations according to the location or the degree of popularity. Finally, Police Scanner is an application that allows you to listen to the radio in the background with a very satisfactory audio quality.

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