Zelle is an application for sending and receiving money easily, economically, quickly and securely. The zellepay.com platform has indeed signed partnerships with certain American financial institutions that make these transactions possible.

How do I transfer money with Zelle?

After downloading and installing the Zelle mobile application, the user must open an account. Registration is done either through his Visa or Mastercard debit card connected to his US current account or using his username and password used for his US current account.

To send money, simply select the recipient and enter their email address or U.S. mobile phone number. Then click "send" after confirming the amount. If the recipient is also a Zelle user, they will receive the money right after the transfer. In this case, the recipient will be notified of the transfer and will need to follow a few steps before withdrawing the money.

Published by Early Warning Services, LLC, the Zelle application is free to download from the Apple Store for the iOS system or Google Play for Android. Zelle is not available for Windows on PCs or iOS on Macs. You must first download and install an emulator on your PC or Mac before you can use it on your computer.
You must have a bank account in the United States to use Zelle.

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