PicsArt Color

Picsart Color is an application developed by Picsart.INC dedicated to digital illustration for all levels and easy to use. It allows you to create your own virtual works, to modify photographs by adding text and drawing on them or simply to color images.

An application that encourages creativity

Picsart Color is an application offering many features around drawing but also image editing. By navigating through its simple and intuitive interface, it is possible to choose between a multitude of tools like brushes or a textured brush to give more volume. The color wheel allows you to choose precisely the shade you want from hundreds and is complemented by the blender. Several layers can be superimposed for a more precise and complete work.

Picsart Color also has an auto-recovery system so that you never lose what you've already done, and it's free. It is no longer a problem to be interrupted.

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