Chess is a game that has passed through time without any rules having been changed. Having made its first appearance in the Middle Ages, this game has fascinated and entertained every civilization to such an extent that various strategies and tactics can be distinguished in each country. Today, this prestigious game remains available to you anywhere as an application on your Android, iPhone, Windows phone or PC. All you have to do is download it.

Features of the platform

Sparkchess has all the features that will give players a great gaming experience whether they are novices or experienced. Indeed, its artificial intelligence allows it to adapt to the levels chosen by the player, ranging from novice to expert. For beginners, the application offers lessons on the basics, moves, strategies and openings while putting you in situation with many puzzles. In addition, you can activate the coaching so that the Artificial Intelligence explains why this or that movement was a mistake. You can switch between the classic 2D view mode or a more modern 3D view. Finally, the creation mode allows you to set up your own chess board in order to experiment certain situations.

Although historically it was artificial intelligence that beat the chess master, experts will be able to enjoy the online functionality of the game. You can play against your friends or other players in the world. Its matchmaking system allows you to play against players of similar level. For those who want to hone their skills, statistics and replay options allow you to identify your mistakes or study your opponent's strategy. Please visit the App Store, on Google store and Microsoft store to download the application. An online version is also available on your PC. You need to go to the Sparkchess site which is available on all non-obsolete versions of Windows.

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